Is that even possible??

OK so I’m sure you’re asking how on earth can a night at Zouk yield any sort of useful business tips? Surprisingly quite a bit when you are completely sober (yes that’s also surprising). I had the chance to spend some time with Bob* who helms a very successful entertainment management company in what turned out to be a very educational evening. Here are some things I observed and definitely not an exhaustive list (as I got exhausted and left early).

Keep it Short and Sweet

How anyone is able to have a conversation (let alone a business one) above all the earsplitting club music is beyond me. Obviously long and monotonous conversations don’t survive in this environment. Conversations need to be thought up quickly, shortened to a few key words and clearly spoken to get your point across over the loud music. This should also apply in the calm and quiet surroundings of an office. Keep what is spoken clear, concise and to the point. If that doesn’t work, blast some dance music in a confined meeting room. Add laser lights for additional affect.

Pace Yourself

Table hopping can be tiring. Greeting, drinking, hugging, drinking, chatting, drinking, laughing, more drinking at each table of friends or with a random group of drunk people can have you exhausted and intoxicated in no time. I saw Bob skillfully pace himself throughout the night to ensure he was still coherent with everyone he spoke with. In business, being able to pace yourself is critical in ensuring long term sustainability. Pouring too much into ambitious growth plans early on can be detrimental to your business. Every so often do a reality check on how your business is really doing and adjust your drinks.. I mean plans accordingly.

Do a Ninja

This is a crafty skill used when you’ve had enough and want to go home but doing so in a way that nobody knows that you’ve actually gone. It usually involves coming up with clever excuses to excuse yourself such as “Ooh I’ve just spotted someone I haven’t seen in ages” or “Look! Batman!” In business sometimes it is necessary to cut ties with people who just aren’t pulling their weight or don’t deliver. If time is money then wasting time with people who don’t add any value to your business is also wasting money.

There you go. Tips for business and clubbing in one blog ;o)

Written by Tony Ta | Cheerleader and Connector at Cloude8 |